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WinWeb has been specializing for over 15 years in developing, designing, upgrading and building open source websites. Our company has extensive experience in building complex sites, portals, virtual stores and more.

Our clients include leading companies and organizations, including the University of Haifa, high-tech companies, Hadassah University Center, international companies, law firms, industrial plants, and the list goes on.
We believe that a quality website that will surpass its competitors is the key to digital success, and we make sure that all the parameters that make it up are at the highest level.

Our design department will provide you with uncompromising standards of professionalism with creative thinking. The department relies on more than 15 years of experience working with the largest customers in the economy. The design is accompanied by user experience experts who tighten the product to perfection.

Our developers at WinWeb are programmers with extensive experience in performing complex developments and solutions for every need or requirement of the customer. The company's programmers speak the main programming languages ​​- PHP and JavaScript - at the native level, specialize in system interface with the help of APIs, development of custom areas and more. WinWeb places emphasis on adapting the site to Google and search engines, and provides Google optimization services to the leading companies.

Above all, WinWeb believes that a website is both a service and a product, and therefore we provide our customers with support with a main webmaster in maximum availability.



Nirit - Main Webmaster

Nirit Ackerman is a website designer and developer with over 15 years of experience in which she has worked with the largest and leading customers in the economy. The websites she has set up have been praised time and time again thanks to being distinct, secure, fast and modern.

Thanks to the combined knowledge in design and programming, Nirit designs and builds websites with a high level of look and feel. Her design eye allows it to ensure the construction of the site with maximum accuracy, paying attention to every pixel.
Nirit provides the company's customers with an immediate technical and professional service, including solutions for large sites and solutions to complex challenges.
rouven final

Reuven - Project Manager

Reuven is the founder and CEO of WinWeb, director of the customer service department and responsible for project management. The direct and available address of the company's customers for any request and question.

As a former mathematics teacher, he has a high ability to simplify complex topics, thus giving clients clear and concise explanations (even if they do not have extensive knowledge in the digital world).
Reuven's patient and personal customer service is provided at eye level, and he is always happy to answer any questions (while devoting full time and attention, including after the project is completed). 
Reuven has a broad knowledge of digital marketing and social networking , and he uses the above knowledge and experience to advise the client on the most relevant and effective digital advertising channels for him.
His concept of service derives from the fact that a quality website with excellent service is the key to success in the digital world, and that a satisfied customer is a win-win situation.

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