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Forconti is an international company with a unique international patent in the field of medicine for the third age. This is one of the most successful companies in the world of medicine, combining innovation with breakthrough solutions aimed at improving the end-to-end lifestyle of its clients.

Forconti has approached WinWeb for the creation of a website, emphasizing a proper user experience for older users. In order to fulfill this goal, WinWeb has developed an accessible site with uncompromising standards. Includes large fonts, proper text submission, visual illustrations, modern "chess-mat" style design and more.

The site was built on an open source platform and emphasized loading speed. The design process was done on the basis of an imaging sketch and at a Custom Made level (up to the customer's satisfaction). Also, because this is a medical product that relies on scientific research, the data needed to be presented clearly, catchy and modern. For this purpose the site is also designed with a combination of graphic elements and color games.


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