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MedicVision - Medical Entrepreneurship

MedicVision is an international medical enterprise company that provides advanced medical equipment to hospitals and private patients. The company has broad global operations and is considered a world leader in imaging solutions on CT and MRI instruments. The MedicVision website was built by WinWeb. This includes designing dedicated product pages and a comprehensive process of imaging sketches to the full satisfaction.

WinWeb has developed the site with cutting-edge technology, combining a wide range of features, components and elements (operating in synergy and harmony). In addition, to enable tracking of user activity on the site, WinWeb has embedded a content management system dedicated to browsing traffic analysis and obtaining relevant data on topics such as clicking internal links, downloading files, visiting pages, staying time, etc. (far beyond Google's standard tools - Analytics).

Because MedicVision is constantly evolving, the website that represents it on the web also requires regular upgrades and additions. To that end, WinWeb provides support and development services at maximum availability and short deadlines.

Website: www.medicvision.com.

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